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Focusing on Creating long term solutions to your Needs You can rely on our expert leadership and comprehensive support during all phases of your project. 


In addition to all the services you would expect from an architectural firm, BLN Architects focuses on Energy Conservation and Energy Risk Management


Below is partial listing of our services:

  • Owner Representation
  • Program review and Analysis
  • PreDesign Services
  • Code Evalution
  • Cost Evalutions        
  • Schenatic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construcion Documents 
  • Contractors Pre Qualificaion
  • Bidding review and BId analysis
  • Construction Admnistration
  • Construction Observation
  • Energy and Energy Procurement Risk Managment.

4. Construction Services

  • Project management
  • Contract bidding, award, calculation (AVA)
  • Construction monitoring and management
  • Construction Loan Site Inspections
  • Construction Loan Payout Verifications
  • Restoration and preservation of historical monuments 

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We look forward to talking with you about your project.


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